Dottie Escobedo-Frank, Pastor

Dottie grew up on the mission field, living on the border of Arizona and Mexico. She has worked as a social worker and a pastor, earning a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University and a Master of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology. She recently graduated with a Doctorate of Ministry from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. She has served four churches: Liberty UMC, Mission Bell UMC, Community Church of Joy, and is currently at CrossRoads UMC.

Dottie is the author of several books: Igniting Worship: Advent & Christmas; Sermon Seeds, 40 Creative Sermons; Jesus Insurgency, The Church Revolution from the Edge (co-authored with Rudy Rasmus), and ReStart Your Church (coming out in October). She is also a contributor in Creative Worship: A Video Workshop for Worship Leaders and Teams. Dottie is an international speaker at conferences, bringing a word of courageous hope to pastors and church leaders.

For Dottie, living in a time of epochal change requires that the church must find places to die. Death is what sets off resurrection, and she calls for embracing the pain of death, so that the joy of life can be found again. Dottie calls for heretics as the new leaders of the church. As the ones who create movements, as the ones who are truly creative, heretics are now rewarded by society while at the same time despised by the church. This is the time to push the new leadership, the edge-dwellers, to the front.

Dottieā€™s passions are around worship, justice and poverty, and creating space for revolutionary change. She is full of hope that the Holy Spirit will lead the Church into our future-present, and that it is our job to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Amy Merzanis, Office Manager

Amy does it all!

Holly Paulson, Chior Director

Sing, Sing, Sing!

Royce Murray, Organist

Royce Murray's career has included playing organ for ABC, CBS and NBC television soap operas. As an accomplished songwriter, he collaborated with R&B icon Barry White in the 1970's. Royce has opened for Tony Monaco, Joey DeFransesco and the legendary Jimmy Smith. He has toured with Blues Hall of Fame artist "Big Pete" Pearson. In 2007 Royce's jazz ensemble performed at the renowned Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, Michigan and at the La Crosse Jazz Festival in Wisconsin. In the sumer of 2007 Royce's debut CD/DVD entitle "Now's the Time", was release on the AMEC record label. Currently a resident of Phoenix, AZ, you will find Royce playing organ and singing right here at CrossRoad's.

Max McQueen, SIngles Director